Officials' Training Program

Become a Trained Orienteering Official

Orienteering Canada has an official’s certification program to train event organizers to be able to organize orienteering events in Canada - from small training events to major championship events. Learn more about how to become a certified official.

Levels of Officials' Training

  • O100

    To Become Certified: Complete the O100 Course / Pass exam with 80%+ / Plan the appropriate level courses / Be an Event Director and Course Planner for a C event (with a mentor). Once Certified an O100 Official can plan and organize C events. The O100 course is offered online and in person.

  • O200

    To Become Certified: Complete the O200 Course / Pass exam with 80%+ / Plan the appropriate level courses which comply to B event standards / Be a Course Planner and / or Event Director for a B event (with a mentor) Once Certified an O200 Official can organize and plan B events and control B and C events.

  • O300

    The O300 level is split into 3 different modules: Course Planning, Event Directing, Controlling. To Become Certified: In each Module - Complete the appropriate O300 Course / Pass exam with 80%+ / For the Event Director, plan courses at Canada Cup standard / Be a Course Planner, Event Director, Controller at a Canada Cup event (with a mentor) Once Certified an O300 Official can organize and plan all Canada Cup events including Canadian and North American Orienteering Championships; control C events, B events and Canada Cup events.

  • O400

    400 To Become Certified: Complete all the requirements of the IOF's WRE Advisor Training including endorsement from Orienteering Canada Once certified and O400 can control all events and act as a WRE Advisor

Types of Orienteering Events in Canada

  • C Events

    The most common event type in Canada. C events offer the fewest race course options to participants and are the simplest to organize.

  • B Events

    These events are more formal. There are more levels of technical and physical difficulty available and there will be race timing.

  • Canada Cups

    These events have many age classes and levels of technical and physical difficulty and formal procedures for start, finish, timing, etc. Championship events are generally Canada Cup events.

  • World Ranking Events

    World Ranking Events are sanctioned by the International Orienteering Federation and allow the elite categories to be ranked in the World ranking scheme for orienteering.


  • Why should you become an orienteering official?

    You enjoy the sport and want to learn how to organize events. You want to volunteer for a sport you enjoy. You want to become a better orienteer as learning the ins and outs of organizing events, especially how to plan a course plan, is helpful to improve your orienteering.

  • What does it mean to be an orienteering official?

    It means that you have the qualifications to organize an orienteering event at a Canadian orienteering club.

  • How involved is it to become an official?

    Orienteering Canada has 4 levels of officials’ certification. Each level involves a few different prerequisites and requirements. There are both theoretical and practical components to the training. You will work with a mentor who will assist you with the practical components.

  • Where should I start?

    Contact your local club or email us at and let us know that you want to become an official or obtain a higher level of certification. We’ll chat with you about the next steps and what your options are based on where you live and what orienteering club is close to you.

  • Do I need to become a certified official? Can I organize events without being certified?

    Orienteering Officials training is required in order to organize orienteering events put on by clubs that are affiliated to Orienteering Canada. Orienteering Canada’s insurance policy requires that all events are organized by certified officials. You can assist at an event if you aren’t certified, but the primary organizers at an event must be certified at the appropriate level.

  • Does it cost anything?

    The online officials training is no cost. There is usually a small fee to attend a training course in person.

  • Is it on-line or in person?

    All of our training is available in person. A portion of the O100 training is available on-line.

  • How often are there opportunities for training?

    In person training is based on availability within your province, some training is also available online with Orienteering Canada. 

Ready to take an officials course?

Contact us or contact your local club. We'll let you know about upcoming courses.

Keeping Your Officials' Training Record Up To Date

Here is the form required to be maintained by each official to record their progress towards certification at each level and maintain active status. Once a new level is attained, the Official is required to complete the form and email it to to be recognized as a certified official in the national database. Each new official will receive an electronic certificate marking the accomplishment.

Clubs - Are you hosting a training course?

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Materials for Course Instructors

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