About Us

Providing Leadership & Resources

Orienteering Canada has provided leadership and resources to those involved in Canadian orienteering since 1967 – from coaches, officials and volunteers to athletes and youth leaders.

Our Mission

To develop, promote and coordinate the sport of orienteering in Canada for all ages and at all levels of participation.

Our Vision

We envision a future where Canadian Orienteering is:

  • Recognized across the country
  • Full of opportunities
  • A welcoming, vibrant community
  • An integral part of international orienteering

Our Values

  • Community

    Welcoming a diverse community in a fair, equitable, inclusive and respectful setting.

  • Opportunity

    Providing opportunities for involvement, enjoyment, development, and leadership to continue the growth of our sport.

  • Personal Achievement

    Recognizing the many pathways that orienteering has to offer and celebrating personal success.

  • Lifelong Activity

    Encouraging lifelong engagement in physical activity and championing orienteering as a sport for life.

  • Respect for the Environment

    Protecting and minimizing impact on the environment to ensure continued appreciation of the outdoors.

Our Core Objectives

  • Increased Awareness of Orienteering

    We are proud of our sport and seek to celebrate it whenever possible. We work to increase and maintain a positive profile and enhance public awareness of our sport and of Orienteering Canada. We offer a welcoming environment to people as they learn about and engage in our sport.

  • A Strong and Unified Orienteering Community

    We develop, deliver and promote relevant programs and services that provide positive experiences for our members at all levels of participation. We partner with individuals, clubs, and Provincial/Territorial Associations as together we strive to build capacity and sustainability at the local, regional and national level.

  • An Environment that Supports Competitive Success

    We support and encourage orienteers as they strive to attain their competitive goals. We offer programming and racing opportunities for athletes who want to reach their maximum potential. We provide high performance support and services for athletes with the desire and potential to compete internationally for Canada.

  • Organizational Excellence

    We work to ensure organizational excellence through the continued development of an effective governance structure and organizational leadership that will contribute to increased long-term stability and sustainability of Orienteering Canada and the sport of orienteering in Canada.

Our Strategic Plan

Setting Our Course to 2030

Our Strategic plan outlines our route to achieving our core objectives by 2030.

Our Board

Meet the Board of Directors of Orienteering Canada.

  • President

    Erik Blake
    Erik lives in Whitehorse. His term expires in 2024.

  • Vice President


  • Treasurer

    Bruce Glen
    Bruce lives in Montreal. His term expires in 2023.

  • Secretary

    Emma Sherwood
    Emma is from Calgary and is currently living in Ontario. Emma's term expires in 2024.

  • Directors

    Emil Gadjanski
    Emil lives in Hamilton, ON. His term expires in 2024.

    Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl lives in Nova Scotia. Her term expires in 2023.

    Malin Hansen
    Malin lives in Saskatoon, SK. Her term expires in 2023.

    There is one vacant position that expires in 2023

  • Athlete's Representative

    Emma Waddington
    Emma lives in Hamilton. She is elected by the national team athletes for a 3-year term.

Committees, Policies & Governing Documents

  • Committees

    Here's a list of all our committees and their members. All Orienteering Canada committees are governed by set procedures.

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  • Policies

    Here you will find everything you need around our equity and access policy, appeal policy, donation policy and all other key policies.

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  • Governing Documents

    Here are our by-laws, incorporation documents, roles & responsibility descriptions for Board Members and other governance related info.

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  • Annual General Meeting

    Orienteering Canada's AGM is the anual gathering when voting members discuss and decide on the business tasks of the association (electing board members, revising by-laws, reviewing financial statements)

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