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Helping You Teach Orienteering

We’re currently working on 3 different manuals to help you get started in orienteering, so stay tuned! We expect these to be ready by winter 2024.

  1. How to make a simple orienteering map (in the meantime, check out our mapping page)
  2. How to design a simple orienteering course
  3. How to teach beginners to orienteer

Orienteering Lessons Plans & Games

The Athlete Development section of our website has great info on orienteering skills and it includes a bundle of lesson plans and game outlines.

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Resources We Recommend

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Looking for orienteering equipment?

Your best source in Canada for orienteering equipment is, a family run business based on Ottawa. is a partner of Orienteering Canada. They have a great selection of equipment and books.

Are you a Canadian youth leader or teacher who would like to be connected with others across Canada to share ideas about teaching orienteering? Let us know.