Let's Talk Orienteering Webinar

Let's Talk Orienteering Webinar

Tuesday May 9th at 8 pm ET

Orienteering for the Brain: An Activity to Help Improve Cognitive Functioning

With Emma Waddington

About the speaker: Emma Waddington is a graduate student supervised by Dr. Jennifer Heisz in the department of Kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, where she also completed her undergraduate degree and began her research on orienteering and brain function. In the orienteering community, Emma has been an athlete on the National Orienteering Team since 2015, and is an active member within Dontgetlost and the Adventure Running Kids program.

About the talk: In this webinar, Emma will discuss the potent effects of exercise on brain health, and how training our brain using navigational tasks may benefit our cognitive function. This webinar will discuss recent research from the NeuroFit Lab, led by Emma and supervised by Dr. Jennifer Heisz, Canada Research Chair in Brain Health and Aging at McMaster University, on how using exercise and particularly, the sport of orienteering, may help us stave of age-related cognitive decline.

Presented by Orienteering Canada & Orienteering Ontario.