Team Canada

Team Canada at the 2023 World Cup Round 1

  • Vegard Jarvis Westergard - long distance
  • Emily Kemp - long distance
  • Christian Michelsen - long distance
  • Isak Fransson - relay
  • Jan Erik Naess - relay

Team Canada Results

Thursday, 27 April - Long distance
Vegard Jarvis Westergaard: 25th
Emily Kemp: 66th
Christian Michelsen: 86th

Saturday, 29 April - Middle distance
Vegard Jarvis Westergaard: 50th
Emily Kemp: 57th
Jan Erik Naess: 115th
Isak Fransson: 118th
Christian Michelsen: MP

Sunday, 30 April - Relay
Men: 37th

The athletes representing Canada at this World Cup are:

Coach: Andreas Kemp.

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