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Orienteering clubs are the backbone of orienteering in Canada. Here's some helpful info for Canadian orienteering clubs.

  • Insurance

    Orienteering Canada runs a national insurance program that covers Orienteering Canada, Provincial and Territorial Orienteering Associations (PTOAs) and their Clubs.
    Information about Orienteering Canada’s insurance including how to request an insurance certificate is detailed in Orienteering Canada’s Insurance Info Document.
    Please download the insurance certificate request form, fill it out and email it to
    Remaining questions? Email

  • Waivers

    As per our insurance requirements, all participants in all orienteering events organized by Orienteering Canada affiliated clubs and associations are required to sign this waiver (for adults) and assumption of risk (for minors). They are combined on the same waiver. No changes to the content is permitted. This is an updated waiver for 2023 - with no changes for 2024.

    Waiver / Assumption of Risk



    Appendix A: General Guidelines For Safety In Orienteering

    The Waiver / Assumption of Risk mentions "Appendix A: General Guidelines For Safety In Orienteering". That document is available at:

    Photo Consent (new starting in 2023)

    Note that the waiver/Assumption of risk does not include a photo consent clause. If you are using this waiver or assumption of risk, you should also include a request for photo consent on your registration process. We took this out of the waiver because there may be legitimate reasons why a participant does not consent to having their photo used and we don't want to exclude them from orienteering.

    Here is appropriate wording:

    Does the participant (and the participant’s parent/guardian, if applicable) consent to the non-commercial use of photographs, videos, recordings taken during orienteering activities on orienteering websites, social media, promotional materials and newsletters?

    (If you club is using Interpodia for membership, we have set it up so that the photo consent process will be asked as part of the membership registration process automatically).

  • Event sanctioning

    The competition page has info about different types of competitions in Canadian orienteering and including the event approval process for Canada Cup events and sanctioning requests for Championship events. It also includes the Course & Class Guidelines for Canada Cup and Championship events.

  • Resources for major event hosting

    Orienteering Canada has compiled resources, templates and best practices for organizing the COCs and NAOCs. Please contact for access to these resources.

  • Rules
  • RouteGadget

    Orienteering Canada has a RouteGadget website that allows people to view courses and maps from events around the country. It allows orienteers to draw their routes and to replay races. Event organizers are encouraged to upload their event’s maps, courses and results to this database and that orienteers will upload their routes. Visit An “all about RouteGadget” info sheet is available here.

  • Athlete Development

    Be sure to visit our Athlete Development page to learn about Orienteering Canada's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) guide. Ensuring that competitions, training and events hosted by clubs and associations aligns with well-researched sport development principles is critical to ensuring we are providing quality sport experiences at all ages.

  • Digital Orienteering Map Archive (DOMA)

    Team Canada Athletes and other Canadian orienteers have access to Orienteering Canada's Digital Orienteering Map Archive (DOMA). There are 2 DOMAs

  • Grant Opportunities
  • Clubs and Provincial/Territorial Orienteering Associations program to fundraise with Orienteering Canada's tax receipting capabilities

    Learn more about Orienteering Canada's guidelines for Clubs and Provincial/Territorial Orienteering Associations to fund raise for local projects, and use Orienteering Canada's tax receipting capabilities to encourage donors. Learn more.

Governance Resources for Clubs

Here are some resources we like that are helpful for volunteer runs clubs and associations

Interested in Starting an Orienteering Club?

We are developing a resource to help a new orienteering club get up and running. Stay tuned. In the meantime, contact us as we would love to help you start a club.

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