Athlete Profile

Robert Graham

Team Canada Program Athlete 2021-2024


  • Born: 1996
  • Hometown: Ottawa
  • Currently Living: Ottawa
  • Orienteers for: Orienteering Ottawa
  • Occupation: Software Developer
  • Training Log: Attackpoint


Q: What is your best memory from the last orienteering season?
A: Getting the bronze medal in the middle distance at the North American champs. After all the work and preparation I put in throughout the season it felt to good to stand up on the podium. Made especially better by having a Canadian sweep with Vegard and Eric.

Q: If you had one tip for young orienteers what would it be?
A: Don't overtrain! I think it's a good idea to incorporate cross-training and adequate recovery time into your plan, especially if your new to competitive orienteering. Then make sure your body can handle a certain training load before increasing it.

Q: What is your greatest orienteering strength?
A: I thrive in technical terrain, and being from Ottawa I can run over rocky ground without difficulty.

Q: How do you normally prepare for an important race?
A: Train using old and/or relevant maps. I have a nicely organized collection of maps from past events and I use them all the time for map study.

Q: Which event are you most excited for this season and why?
A: Canadian O Festival, right here at home! And even though I expect to have better results in the forest races, I'm really looking forward to all the sprint races, especially the knock ut sprint!

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