Athlete Profile

Milla Tarnopolsky

Team Canada Program Athlete 2022-2023


  • Born: 2000
  • Hometown: Hamilton
  • Currently Living: Hamilton
  • Orienteers for: DontGetLost (DGL)
  • Occupation: Researcher & coach (skiing & CrossFit)
  • Instagram: @millatarno
  • Training Log: Strava


Q: How did you first get involved in orienteering?
A: When I was in primary school I started running with my local adventure racing program, which introduced my to the local orienteering scene. I then started participating in local events and training. Though my local club, I raced all over canada at national events and I nordic skied in the winter. I found ski orienteering in high school and haven't looked back since!

Q: What would a typical week of training look like for you?
A: During the winter racing season I try to get as much time on snow as possible. Recently, with University being online, I have been lucky enough to live super close to my local ski area. This means I typically ski at least 4 days/week, and cross-train (strength) on my off days. There are also really great orienteering maps for a few local areas, so I am able to get some great navigation training in too!

Q: How do you normally prepare for an important race?
A: Preparation starts the week leading up to the race. I make sure that I have all my gear organized and my travel plans locked in a least a few days before so I can focus on being mentally and physically prepared. The day before the race I spend a solid session working though the model map(s) and checking that my skis are waxed and ready to go for race day. The night before my race I write up a race plan so I can go thought the motions with ease the next day. On race day, I arrive to the site early and focus on executing my prep and warmup so I arrive on the start line with a clear head and warm body!

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