Athlete Profile

Ingrid Hagberg

Team Canada Program Athlete 2024


  • Born: 1991
  • Hometown: Deep River
  • Currently Living: Kuopio, Finland
  • Orienteers for: Orienteering Ottawa, Kuopion Suunnistajat
  • Occupation: Toxicologist


Q: What is your best memory from the last orienteering season?
A: OOC's knockout sprint test event in the spring. It was a fun, low-key introduction to a new event format.

Q: If you had one tip for young orienteers what would it be?
A: Master the basics before you start attempting the advanced stuff.

Q: What is your greatest orienteering strength?
A: Probably my running speed. I'm newish to orienteering, but I've maintained a lot of my fitness levels from my ski racing days.

Q: How do you normally prepare for an important race?
A: The night before I figure out the timing for my warm-up, when to arrive at the race site and so on. Also, make sure I've got a good plan for what my warm-up entails based on the race distance and terrain. That means I can focus my mind on the race the next day.

Q: Which event are you most excited for this season and why?
A: I'm most looking forward to NAOCs and particularly to try knockout sprints again.

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