Athlete Profile

Graeme Rennie

Team Canada Program Athlete 2021-2024


  • Born: 1991
  • Hometown: North Vancouver
  • Currently Living: Dublin, Ireland
  • Orienteers for: Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (GVOC), CNOC
  • Occupation: Software Engineer


Q: What is your best memory from the last orienteering season?
A: Spanish Championships in October were excellent. The terrain and maps were some of the best I’ve been on and it was just a great event all around. Plus the weather's a bit nicer in Spain in October than in Dublin.

Q: If you had one tip for young orienteers what would it be?
A: Keep at it. We all make big mistakes and for a time it feels like you’re not improving and learning from them but eventually, like everything, it gets so much better with practice.

Q: Which event are you most excited for this season and why?
A: Maximus O Meeting, excited to go back to a part of Spain I really enjoyed. And NAOC, haven’t raced on Canadian soil in too long!

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