Athlete Profile

Brenden Doogan

Team Canada Program Athlete 2021-2024


  • Born: 2004
  • Hometown: Burlington
  • Currently Living: Burlington
  • Orienteers for: Don't Get Lost (DGL)
  • Occupation: Student


Q: What is your best memory from the last orienteering season?
A: Doing a training camp in Kingston and succeeding with learning what we were practicing. Afterwards, going back to eat dinner and play LAN Catching Features.

Q: If you had one tip for young orienteers what would it be?
A: Analyze your races, and don't be scared to challenge yourself.

Q: What is your greatest orienteering strength?
A: Eating food.

Q: Which event are you most excited for this season and why?
A: NAOC will be fun because of the home field advantage.

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