Lesson Plans and Games

Orienteering Lesson Plans

Here are lesson plans from an 8 week junior program in Vancouver. Thanks for sharing these Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club! Also included is a lesson plan template which you can use and adapt as you wish.

Group Games

Each of the links describes clearly and concisely how to set up and run a game; it includes the goal, the duration of the game, the materials required to set up the game, and the range of ages that are appropriate for the game.

Armchair Orienteering Activities

Armchair orienteering are activities that you can do without physical activity, so at home sitting in an armchair!

Training Activities

Most of these links have the same format as those for the orienteering group games: the goal, the duration of the activity, the materials required and the range of appropriate ages.

The Bing-O Cards and Poker hand rankings for Poker O provide materials to be used in the activity (BingO and Poker-O respectively).

Be sure to check out our Athlete Development page for more info about long term athlete development and our skills database for lots more info about learning and teaching orienteering.

Have a Resource to Share?

Let us know if you have some resources to add to this list, or if you have any questions.