Scott Donald waving while standing in a field

Remembering Scott Donald

1938 - 2023

In 1981 (or maybe 1982) Vancouver orienteers held an “O with a Pro” event.  Scott teamed up with Mary Lanzinger, and they received an orange as a reward for their performance on the (you guessed it) Orange course.  Scott was hooked!  In 1982 he spearheaded the effort to form an orienteering club based in Rossland, and in 1983 the Kootenay Orienteering Club became a reality.

Orienteering and photography were Scott’s greatest passions.  If he wasn’t out on a course, he was wandering around with a camera in his hands.

Travelling to Alberta and Washington was always popular, and Scott Donald soon met EOOC’s Donald Scott.  Remember the days when result cards were hung from a string?   Scott was sure that the results crew kept mixing up their names because Don Scott’s card was usually placed before his.

Scott particularly enjoyed the organizational side of orienteering and spent many hours analyzing results:  not just the overall course but each control, to see what was good and what could be improved.  One of his favourite times was when he spent three summers at Camp Ripley, Minnesota as the technical director for the 1997 Veterans’ World Cup.  During that period he loved the companionship and the expertise and dedication of his team of course planners.

Scott’s last orienteering event was at Lacamas Lake, WA in July 2022.

In his 40-plus years of orienteering Scott, along with Shirley, his lifelong companion and fellow orienteer, treasured the many trips that offered the opportunity to revisit friends and acquaintances in the orienteering community, that best community of all.