Learn-to Orienteer Programs

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From West coast to East coast, orienteering clubs across Canada offer learn-to orienteer programs as a great way of getting "new to orienteering" participants out to try orienteering on. Check out some of the programs available below, or find a club near you and ask them if they offer any learn-to programs or how they can help you give it a go!

Ready to Give Orienteering a Try?

  • Find a Club

    Your first stop is to see what club is in your area. Do a quick search to find a club near you, connect with them and learn about the ways they encourage new-to-orienteerig folks to give the sport a try.

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  • Read Up on Getting Started

    Our getting started page offers a number or resources for how to get started including what to expect at your first event.

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  • Sign-up For a Learn-to Program

    Clubs all over the country offer these learn-to programs. They aren't the only way to give orienteering a try, but they are definitely an easy way to try the sport on for fit! Scroll through our learn-to programs above or reach out to your local club to see what they offer.

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  • Get in touch

    Still not sure what the best way is to give orienteering a try? We want to hear from you! We'll put you in touch with the right people to introduce you to the sport.

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