Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame

Martin Valiquette

Inducted in 2022 | Administrator of Award of Distinction

Martin was elected on the board of directors of the Quebec Orienteering Federation (FQCO) 5 years ago, and was elected the President of the Federation 3 years ago. Since becoming President, he has initiated and led many projects such as increasing participation which resulted in several new clubs forming over the past few years, as well as a redesigned website. Martin was the main contributor in writing several key governance documents to help update the Federation’s processes. Through Martin’s leadership, the budget of the Federation has grown significantly and several new programs have been introduced, such as orienteering training camps for school teachers. The Quebec Federation has recently gained recognition by various provincial government bodies. As a result, the Federation is now recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education, and is eligible for various grants and programs. This is a huge achievement that will bring future opportunities for growth and development in Quebec.

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