Orienteering Canada Hall of Fame

Don Bayly

Inducted in 2020 | Order of Orienteering Canada


Don’s contribution to the development and growth of orienteering in Calgary and western Canada is profound. He has been involved in orienteering in Calgary since 1979 in a wide variety of roles including athlete, mapper, event official and club Board Member. Don’s true passion in orienteering centers on map making. He made his first map (Bragg Creek Hostel) for Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club (FWOC) in 1979 and has since made dozens of maps for all levels of competition throughout western Canada. Don is a key member of various mapping committees and also works on identifying new areas to map. Don shares his passion for mapping, organizing clinics for new mappers. In addition to his mapping work, Don volunteers regularly as an event official – from weekly training events to major international competitions, starting at the 1980 Western Canadians. He is willing to take on any role: from the mundane to the visionary. His strength lies in his understanding of orienteering and his ability to use his knowledge to help the club stage any level of event.

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