GLOF Long (map 2) (09/10/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sulfur Springs
Organiser: GHO
Country: Canada
Discipline: Long
I felt pretty good at this point but grabbed some energy snacks at the map exchange. Good plan. There was still a lot to go! The two upcoming long legs jumped out so I went down the trail planning leg 15. I read the contours to 14 well and decided there was no good route to avoid going up and down the ravines to 15. I climbed through the first sections and out to the trail that follows the second ridge. Along that and out to the major trail. Climb through the next ravine and push through the flat open woods aiming ultimately for the parking lot. Then follow the stream to the control. A good clean route and a bit of oomph gained me two positions on that leg but that took a lot of the rest of my energy out of me.
I knew I had to stay clean to 16 before I could really push it to 17. 16 was fine and I took the trail left to 17 before cutting through at the end. Unfortunately I ran out of steam early in the leg and wasn’t able to push as hard as I wanted to.
Pushed along the trails to 18. I had to remind myself that there really wasn’t much left and I could lay it all down now. I bobbled control 19 then climbed over to 20 without problems. I tried to go absolutely all out to 21 but I didn’t have the reserves. The leg was clean though so I did ok.
Along the trails to 22 before climbing to the arena for the finish.
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GLOF Long (map 2) (09/10/2010)