GLOF Long (map 1) (09/10/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sulfur Springs
Organiser: GHO
Country: Canada
Discipline: Long
Going into this race I knew that the course was long (12.1 km and almost 700 m of climb) and would be physically exhausting but the long is my best discipline and I knew it would be equally tough for everyone. I had a couple of 3 place splits and a second place split and was in 3 place at control 2. Unfortunately a few mistakes climbing out of ravines held me back a couple of positions. A little bit of extra strength and endurance would also have made a huge difference!
I was reading the long first leg on the way to the start triangle and I knew that I just had to get to the trail south of the first control. I saw the trails left of the line and took those before bashing over the hill and through the green to the trail and then cut in to the right re-entrant. Leg 2 was a matter of reading the hill in the field and keeping my head up to see the spur. My first two legs were clean but nothing spectacular but were enough to get me into 3rd place. That shows what consistency can do.
Coming out of control 2 I stupidly followed a little elephant trail along the side of the hill through thick small trees and it took forever to get off of that first hill. I then cut across the marsh and hopped from trail to trail roughly along the line then along the indistinct trail pointing to the control. I should have stuck to the bottom of the hill coming out of the control and then taken the right route on the first trail before cutting through the more open flat woods. I’m pleased with how I executed my route though.
Kept on my compass to 4 and was running with others which helped keep the pace up and helped lead me into the control. I chose the route out to the road to 5 which allowed me to pick up some speed and I could see 5 from a long way off through the woods. Straight up the re-entrant and over the hill to 6 which, along with leg 4 was one of my 3rd place splits.
I followed a compass bearing down the hill to 7 but veered left down the ravine to get down the most efficiently. I didn’t correct for this properly and misread the bends in the streams and had to figure out what had happened once I had got back up the other side.
Out to the trail and up the elephant tracks to control 8.
I made a big mistake to 9 when I went down the wrong stream and corrected off of the path north of the ravine.
Control 10 was a matter of seeing the spur and get there quickly. I went around the green and up the re-entrant to the indistinct trail before going down the spur and reading the contours in the control circle at 11. Everything lined up perfectly for me on this leg and it shows with my second place split. Then down the trails to 12 before slogging up the hill to 13 and the arena.
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GLOF Long (map 1) (09/10/2010)