GLOF Middle (map 2) (08/10/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sulfur Springs
Organiser: GHO
Country: Canada
Discipline: Middle
At the spectator control / water station / map exchange I passed Alex Bergstrom and heard the announcer saying that I was having a good race so all thoughts of actually punching the control fled my mind. Luckily the organizers reinstated me since they missed telling me to punch. I then took off at full speed to 11 and on a compass bearing up the re-entrant, by the bend in the river to 12.
Another straight ahead leg to 13 (3rd fastest split time) and full speed over the hill to 14. Then over the river and in the fast forest to 15 with a couple of seconds needed to sort out the contours by the control. I had to be a little cautious down the scree to 16 but luckily I saw some orienteers ahead of me at the control so was able to flow through that control. Went out to the road to 17 and through the parking lot to the go control and a strong finish.
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GLOF Middle (map 2) (08/10/2010)