GLOF Middle (map 1) (08/10/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sulphur Springs
Organiser: GHO
Country: Canada
Discipline: Middle
The first half of this race was sloppy but I was able to come back with a very strong second half and ended up having a good race.
Waiting for my start I saw Jon take off ahead of my and disappear into the woods on the right so I knew which direction I needed to head off of the trail. When I flipped the map over I was quickly able to make sense of the first leg and was very confident through the first leg but went to the wrong knoll in the control circle at first. The second control made things a little worse as I got confused misreading the contours thinking down was up and I stopped for 15 seconds right before the control to figure things out.
Control 3 was straight forward through the field so I picked up some speed and managed to tie a first place on that leg. I did a good job traffic light orienteering to control 4, blasting out and up the trail and slowing down as I crossed the marsh and ran up the spur to the control.
Controls 5 and 6 caused me the most trouble. I got dragged down the hill away from control 5 and then wasn’t careful enough to 6 and climbed all the way to the trail and then struggled to find the right re-entrant. I really need to work on hill orienteering!
I caught Cristina Luis on leg 7 and we navigated the contours in the control circle together. It would have been faster to go direct from 6 to 7 instead of my route over the top of K2 but I was very weary after my mistakes on 5 and 6 and opted for the safer route instead. A good decision I think.
Followed the compass to 8 while checking off features along the way. Cautious on this one but it worked. Then I blasted down the hill on a compass bearing and then down the stream to the road to avoid the cliffs and the rocky ground above 9. Off of the road and into the control was slow though so in hind sight this route wasn’t as a good as I thought it would be. I should have gone much straighter. Coming out of 9 I twisted my ankle ever slow slightly climbing over a log in the rocky terrain but by the time I got back out to the road it was fine so I pushed hard to the spectator control.
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GLOF Middle (map 1) (08/10/2010)