WUOC Relay (22/07/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gustafs
Organiser: Stora Tuna
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Relay
This was one of my favourite races ever. The terrain was super fast and I was orienteering well. I made two mistakes from which I corrected quickly so that was fine. I only wish I wasn’t stuck running the course on my own but could get the relay pack running on this course because I think that would have really helped my pick up the pace even more and cut a few minutes off of my time.
I was running with two American’s Keith (first leg) and Kevin (last leg). Keith came in in 44th out of 46 teams so I knew I had nothing to worry about but would be running alone. When he came in I grabbed the map and took off down the streamers to the start triangle then took off on a compass bearing along the side of the hill. After crossing the first trail I saw the broken ground on my right and was able to pick out the control without problems. Around the control I caught a bunch of women and used them to help keep me in check to the second control. I was moving faster than I normally do but felt in control. I nailed controls 2, 3, and 4 on compass bearings.
I crossed through the large depression up to the big trail and around the lake then across the powerlines and around the hill to control 5. In hindsight I probably should have avoid the climb out of the depression by staying north of it.
I was a little too far south going to control 6 and had to re-orient off of there-entrant past the control. Between the two hills and past the next one to control 7 then along the ridge to 8. I took it back a notch here to read the contours but was still moving pretty quick.
Powered across the spongy ground to 9 over the ridges and across the series of trails then I followed the ridges along the first half of leg 10 and down and up to the control. I should have seen that I could stay high by staying to the right of the line but I didn’t and made the extra climb which I was just starting to feel.
Along the trail and then beside the ridge to control 11. Straight lined it along the distinct vegetation boundary to control 12. The undergrowth was deadfall from cutting and was super slow – I probably should have switched to running in the rough open. Ah well.
My second mistake was at control 13. I got into the vicinity of the control without a problem but then got dragged to another control I could see and lost a bit of time trying to re-orient.
I went around the huge depression after 13 and stuck to the white forst as much as possible while heading for the trail in the rough open. Cut through the rough before 14 and took a right to the lone boulder in the woods. Blasted off to 15 and ended up to far right but saw the streamers to the start triangle which kept me on track.
Fast through the spectator control and on the elephant track into the woods. I was getting pretty tired at this point and climbing the rocky slope to 17 was tough. I had to be very careful as I was starting to trip over every little thing on the ground. More tough uphill to 18 before a chance to open up to 19. Then I could blast down the hill and along the bottom to 20 which was easier than trying to focus on sidehilling without tripping over things. And then a last sprint through the arena to hand off to Kevin. I think Kevin had a bit of trouble out there but a good time was had by all.
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WUOC Relay (22/07/2010)