WUOC Middle Distance (21/07/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gustafs
Organiser: Stora Tuna
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Middle
This was my first major international meet ever so while there were some major mistakes and m result wasn’t very good there are definitely some aspects of this race I feel I did well. I started the race off in the rain and was struggling a bit to stay warm and moving. The last several minutes I was trying to stay focused but wasn’t sure what to expect from the coming race so stuck to reminding myself to start slow.
The first control was straight forward but I stayed slow and it successfully got me off on the right foot for the race. I opted for the around route for the second control to avoid climb early in the race and found the control feature exactly where I expected it.
Looking at leg 3, I saw the re-entrant as a strong attackpoint and opted for the fast trail and road route to the left to put on some speed. Unfortunately I bobbled the control and got dragged out of the re-entrant as I climbed to the control. I figure I lost about a minute on that control.
I then ran back down the hill to 4 and on a compass bearing to 5 where I met another runner. We ran to 6 keeping each other sight on the side of the hill. I should have dropped down and climbed back up to avoid the tough side hill running.
I left 6 sidehilling along the line to 7 and cut up to the top of the hill among the cliffs. So far so good (though I now realise I should have climbed early and ran along the top of the hill). At the top of the hill I saw another male runner cutting North-East down the side of the hill and I made the terrible mistake of following. I assumed that since he was moving fast and it was a high level event that he knew where he was going… wrong. I lost sight of him pretty quickly and struggled to recover – fumbling through the green and a bunch of parallel re-entrants. I lost 6 or 7 minutes here. I should have gone south around the edge of the green in front of the control.
Control 8 was easy and I was passing some female runners aiming of for the same control. I could pick out the hill top I was aiming for from halfway up the hill so it was just a matter of powering up the climb.
To the trail and then contouring to 9 worked perfectly and other than checking out an extra re-entrant on the way to 10 legs 10 and 11 were smooth as well.
Control 12 caused me some trouble. I wasn’t able to pick out the vegetation boundaries like I wanted to and I figure I was probably slightly to far north because when I got the re-entrants I ended up at the wrong one and wasn’t sure if I was too far east or west. I picked going west but was too far west already and eventually turned around and found the right re-entrant.
Control 13 was another matter of powering up the hill on a compass bearing which I did no problem. Then I went around on the trail to 14 and went right by 15 which was fine and made 15 easy afterwards. Then down to the go control and finish!
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WUOC Middle Distance (21/07/2010)