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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Edworthy Park (12/06/2013)
Wednesday 12 June 2013
Calgary, FWOC, CAN
PM FWOC Wednesday night meet at Edworthy Park at 1:5000. Feeling a bit tired and my foot is a tad sore. Good race through, a lot o...
Barebones Farsta (09/06/2013)
Sunday 9 June 2013
Mt Laurie, FWOC, CAN
Farsta - Solo Sprint Relay|Results
AM Barebones Farsta at Mt Laurie at 1:7500. Happy with my race (2nd) considering the three races yesterday with a lot of climb, di...
Barebones Thomass (08/06/2013)
Saturday 8 June 2013
Canmore Nordic Centre- Canmore, FWOC, CAN
PM Barebones Thomass at the Canmore Nordic Centre at 1:7500. I was really tired and going a fair bit slower than the morning. I kn...
Barebones Chase (08/06/2013)
Saturday 8 June 2013
Canmore Nordic Centre, FWOC, CAN
Chase - Middle|Results
PM Barebones Chase at the Canmore Nordic Centre at 1:7500. I started first since I won the Setup race in the morning, Will caught ...
Barebones Setup (08/06/2013)
Saturday 8 June 2013
Town of Canmore - Canmore, FWOC, CAN
AM Barebones Setup race on the Town of Canmore map at 1:5000. Basically a short forest sprint, finish was actually at the 2nd last...
Sage Stomp Long- Canada Cup #1 (18/05/2013)
Saturday 18 May 2013
McQueen Lake - Kamloops, SAGE, CAN
AM Sage Stomp Long at McQueen Lake and the first Canada Cup of the year, 1:15000. I am targeting the Canada Cup Elite Series this ...